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Register for JOTA/JOTI Information

Updated September 21st, 2017  
Historically, participants in Canada have had to register in two different places -- one to join the Scouts Canada National JOTA/JOTI information mailing list, order crests, and report results, and one on the World Scouting site to to obtain things like JID contest codes. This has led to much confusion and duplication.  
So, in 2016, the Scouts Canada JOTA/JOTI registration system was more closely integrated with the World Scouting JOTA/JOTI registration system (many other countries have done the same also).  
To register your interest in JOTA/JOTI in Canada, please do the following (even if you have registered in past years):  
1. Visit www.scout.org. In the top right corner, you'll see an option -- LOGIN -- so click that.  
2. If you already have a scout.org profile, fill in your username and pasword, then click Log in. If you don't have a scout.org profile, click REGISTER and fill in the necessary information.  
Once you have created or successfully logged into a valid scout.org profile (username and password), then...  
3. Visit http://jotajoti.info/sign-up-for-jota-joti/ and register for JOTA/JOTI. For Country, select Canada. Select WOSM as your association choice. Select Scouts Canada as your National Scout Organisation.
You will shortly thereafter receive a confirmation email from scout.org that you have been registered, and providing such information as your JID code (keep this for use on JOTA/JOTI weekend as others around the world will ask for it as part of a big world-wide "get to know you" game).
World Scouting will then send the information to us here in Canada, so within a couple of days after that, you will receive another email from the Scouts Canada National JOTA/JOTI team, confirming that you are on the Scouts Canada JOTA/JOTI email list, and with information on things like ordering crests.
There may be a few delays in the first few days as we get the new system going, and a few changes may need to be made (hey, we all do plan - do - review, don't we?) but in the long run the new system will be much smoother for everybody!
For more information, e-mail the National JOTA/JOTI Coordinator at JOTA.Coordinator@scouts.ca.